I’m about those in between moments. I’m about belly laughs. I’m about ugly crying.


Hey there. I’m a wedding and travel photographer from the midwest.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world! My name is Nick and I've been a photographer for the better part of a decade. I find that I'm happiest when the camera is in front of me. I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. My natural inclination is to create. I've been seen documenting everything from food to events to news to travel photography.

A bit about myself. I'm a midwest guy from Ohio. I currently live in Europe (Washington, DC Summer 2019!) with my wife and my 4-year-old boxer, Duke. I love food, music (I play drums and guitar), and traveling as much as I can! I also love extra legroom on airplanes. In my dreams, if I wasn't a photographer, I'd be playing drums for John Mayer. Either that or running a food truck making (and definitely eating) lots of tacos and chips and salsa. 

But enough about me. Let's talk about you! You're probably here because you have something or someone that you'd like photos of, so let's collaborate and see what works best for you. Just click the "contact" link to get in touch with me. I'm also on Instagram, so hopefully I can provide you some inspiration. Give me a follow and some likes. 

dog lover/drummer/foodie/lover not a fighter/plant guy/traveler/only child/cheese cheese cheese/shoe addict/beer drinker/all.the.coffee/amateur interior designer/motorcycle rider/graphic designer/feeler/INFP/ex pat